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Our first reward

Hello friends!

This post is to inform that the backers on our Kickstarter campaign can now see their names in our website (forever and ever!). Thanks for the support!

Click on the picture below, which will direct you to the page.


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Ziphius website

With fridays come many good things, a deserved rest, the weekend… and Ziphius™ pretty new website!


It is now online, check it and give us your feedback! Thanks!

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Coming Soon

Mondays are hard, right? We all know that.

We have something to announce that will brighten up your day: Ziphius will launch its official website pretty soon! We’ve been working on it and it’s close to being all ready for you. It will have lots and lots of new stuff. For now, you can subscribe to our newsletter so you can have access to more info, by entering your e-mail address here. This option will still be available in the new website!

Stay tuned 🙂


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