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Ziphius loves Pi – happy birthday!

Next month Raspberry Pi is going to have a reason to celebrate: it’s its 2 years old birthday!

Ziphius heart has always been Raspberry Pi (and with Raspberry Pi!). Needless to say, it is a healthy and strong one, beating way fast. Actually, we’ve been using the Pi since September 2012 so, yeah, we’re lucky enough to have been among the first ones to experiment with it! We had Rob Bishop helping us getting familiarized with the Raspberry Pi camera a while back, which was really cool too.

Ziphius is featured in their second anniversary video (at 2:29), which was produced by The Raspberry Pi Guy. Pretty honored, to say the least. 🙂

We love being part of such a vibrant and participative community that is expanding everyday.

The Rasberry Pi team have been releasing a lot of cool contents on their website, including this rather entertaining animation video about the most basic question about it all: in the end, WHAT is a Raspberry Pi? What is it good for?

We want to congratulate the creators for this invention and wish them the best of luck in the future. Ziphius wishes Pi a happy birthday!

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One hell of a year!

 This last year, Azorean, the face behind the drone you know and love, worked hard, really hard. This journey has been crazy and amazing. So, what a better time than this to do a recap of 12 months full of achievements and events for Azorean?

Ziphius was born on September 2012 and from there it was really a rollercoaster. Not the one that makes you sick to your stomach but one that makes you happy and proud to be in such a hard working and motivating team! Feels, oh the feels.

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A little behind the scenes

Remember our GoPro video, the one we showed you two posts back? Yeah?

Well maybe you’ve been wondering how the last part was done (beginning at 1:07). This is the answer:


While the majority of the video feautured the GoPro on top and below the Ziphius, for this part we aggregated it to this hand made metal arch.


Keep synched for more behind the scenes!

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Coming from the mist…

...is the glowing Ziphius we’ve just painted in our offices! What do you think?

As part of our bunch of DIY ideas for Ziphius, we’ve come up with a Glowing Ziphius. With some glowing paint, you can make your Ziphius shine more than any other thing!

Just imagine the user experience you would have! In a lake, at night, you could get your Ziphius glowing in the water and have an awesome vision, being Ziphius the only thing to glow in the dark.


A glowing Ziphius is a great way to celebrate the fact Ziphius finally reached our funding goal on Kickstarter! We can’t thank you enough. 

Ziphius is (still) waiting for you at Kickstarter until… TOMORROW!!! 😉 

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Ziphius goes Pro!

Ziphius Gopro 2

If you are a frequent reader of our blog you have surely read our post about the GoPro camera as one of Ziphius’ customization options. If not, we’ll break it down for you.

Ziphius teamed up with GoPro and the result was rrrrrrrealy cool. Well, yeah, you might be asking yourself “Doesn’t Ziphius already have a camera?”. Yes it does. But now you can capture images with your GoPro by riding Ziphius and have two cameras for simultaneous multiple footage. There are many water lovers that own a GoPro camera that might want to try it out on the Ziphius. It’s totally possible with a GoPro Mount, just plug it into Ziphius and play. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS! Endless possibilities!! 🙂

We aim to give you the absolute freedom to choose what’s the best suited Ziphius for you and what you can do to it, according to your personal tastes, needs or interests! If you have more ideas you can comment below to let us now! Once you have a Ziphius you can customize it and send us photos of your transformed drone. 

But for now, BACK US UP! Only 2 days left, crazy.

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Halfway Milestone!


We are pleased to announce we have passed the halfway mark to our funding goal! To celebrate, we asked ourselves “What can we have Ziphius do that is different?” We already added a ton of new features or updates including;

  • We doubled the onboard memory for all reward levels
  • We built  support for Go-Pro cameras
  • We added a Ziphius “light” version that comes in at only $199.00
  • We created a patriotic “Stars and Stripes” version of Ziphius
  • We engineered a $99.00 DIY edition so you can build your own drone

Whew! We’ve been busy. But we realized Ziphius had still not escaped into the wild blue yonder. Ziphius would need to fly. We thought about it and in the end it was as simple as the house in the Pixar Film, “UP.” BALLOONS! A ton of balloons.

There are a lot of amazing and creative things like this that you can do with Ziphius. We wonder how long until someone builds a Ziphius Blimp with our $99.00 DIY kit! 😉 Check our Kickstarter campaign to find out about all our updates and new rewards. Get yourself the cutest aquatic drone ever 🙂

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Ideas on how to use Ziphius for fishing

Ziphius could be your perfect partner for fishing!

Ziphius Fishing

By using its camera, you can see where’s fish, what are the best spots for fishing, among other things.

It’s so exciting that some people are already thinking about Ziphius applications for fishermen and sharing them with us! We received some videos from Finland featuring Jaakko Raukola and Mikko Unkila. These videos were received when we asked you to tell us what would you use Ziphius for, the challenge of our previous video and post. This is one of the most creative submissions to appear in our inbox in which these fishermen show us some of the ways Ziphius could be very useful in this area. Thanks guys!

Be part of our family by sending us your response video to: hello@yatlantic.com.

Grab one at a special price while you still can at Kickstarter. We are almost getting halfway through as well is the funding! Thanks for your support and sharing so far. More surprises are coming!

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If I had a Ziphius

Our team is quite  a diverse bunch! But we all love gadgets and games. This passion, combined with our islander condition, lead us to produce an affordable aquatic gadget, since it’s a market yet to explore.

Last summer we’ve started getting ourselves busy on developing our first prototype. At that time we used tupperware and foam (oh yes!!) to start riding in the water. In the following months we’ve refined the electronics and the design that enabled us to build a more sophisticated prototype and enter the Engadget competition, which we won last March. From that point, we have been working in preparing our Kickstarter campaign and establishing all the details for Ziphius’ mass production, to make us ready to start with it as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded.

Ziphius is our dream coming true but we believe that Ziphius makes others dream too. So we’ve asked the community: what would you do if you were a Ziphius owner. And this is what we’ve got. 🙂

You can get one Ziphius now at Kickstarter!

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Ziphius is on Kickstarter!


The wait is over. Ziphius is finally on Kickstarter! How can you show us your support?

a) By helping to fund the project: the pledge starts at $1 and goes up to $7,500. Our end-goal is $125,000.

b) By sharing our page with everyone you know: family, friends, co-workers, just about everyone! Let’s get social networking!

It’s a great opportunity to invest in something really unique! We really believe that with your help, we will be successfully funded and Ziphius will finally become a reality. 

Don’t forget: the campaign ends in 29 days!

Thanks a zillion! 😉

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Ziphius, your personal buttler

We are testing new ways to personalize Ziphius™ with a completely new style!

In this outfit version, with a removable lid, there’s a round hole so you can transport, for example, a soda can.

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