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Deep-sea Internet: a near future?

University of Buffalo researchers Zahed Hossain and Hovannes Kulhandjian have tested an “underwater wi-fi” network in Lake Erie last month, constituted by two wireless internet modems with an aquatic version of TCP/IP. By dropping these 40lb (18 kg) sensors into the lake, they used sound waves instead of the traditional radio waves (the normal wi-fi) to propagate through water – a smart move, since sound waves have more range, stability and velocity. Hossain and Kulhandjian, afloat, used a laptop to transmit information to the modems.

Tommaso Melodia, leading researcher on this study has some usage ideas in mind: “Making this information available to anyone with a smartphone or computer, especially when a tsunami or other type of disaster occurs, could help save lives”.

The goal is to create a seafloor wireless network, accessible through the Internet, that communicates directly and in real time with people around the world by using cheaper undersea sensors. 

Credit: BBC News and WIRED

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Some more ideas

This week we’ve been doing a list of ideas we’ve received in our Inbox  or read over the Web about Ziphius applications!

Behold, here are the most interesting ones we collected:

Ziphius could be used to…

  • Rescue/monitor people at the beach
  • Collect archeological data
  • Find fish species
  • Swim laps with swimmers to evaluate their performance
  • Record a scuba diver underwater
  • Search for coral reefs before sampling
  • Give the mobility impaired people the chance to have an underwater experience
  • Follow a young sailor around the course from afar (e.g. sailing classes)
  • Track and deactivate sea-mines
  • Educate students about the marine life
  • Search for invasive plants

Keep sharing your thoughts with us, it’s very exciting to read these kind of suggestions 🙂

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A little word from Flying Sharks

We asked João Correia from Flying Sharks what would he use Ziphius for. Flying Sharks specializes in transporting marine animals from their natural habitat to various aquariums all over the world. Here’s the answer:

“Damn, this Ziphius thingy is cool… We used to spend countless hours diving all over the place and looking for new cool dive spots but it seems Ziphius is gonna allow us to do that while sitting on a chair, with our feet up in the air and sipping a chilled gin ‘n’ tonic. Nice!… :-)”


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