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Our first reward

Hello friends!

This post is to inform that the backers on our Kickstarter campaign can now see their names in our website (forever and ever!). Thanks for the support!

Click on the picture below, which will direct you to the page.


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Coming from the mist…

...is the glowing Ziphius we’ve just painted in our offices! What do you think?

As part of our bunch of DIY ideas for Ziphius, we’ve come up with a Glowing Ziphius. With some glowing paint, you can make your Ziphius shine more than any other thing!

Just imagine the user experience you would have! In a lake, at night, you could get your Ziphius glowing in the water and have an awesome vision, being Ziphius the only thing to glow in the dark.


A glowing Ziphius is a great way to celebrate the fact Ziphius finally reached our funding goal on Kickstarter! We can’t thank you enough. 

Ziphius is (still) waiting for you at Kickstarter until… TOMORROW!!! 😉 

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Our Kickstarter Campaign

ks_imgWe got off to a great start! We’ve sold every one of the 25 early bird Ziphius (THANK YOU GUYS!) and as of today, have accrued a total of 126 backers and close to $24,000 of our ambitious $125,000 goal.

Remember that with this Kickstarter campaign your pledge can go towards pre-ordering a Ziphius (or more!) at a lower price!

For the newcomers, here’s a quick, step by step guide to help fund the lovable drone:

You guys have done an awesome job supporting our project and sharing our campaign! The support shown these first four days has been inspiring; we can’t wait to see what the remaining 26 days will bring! Please keep sharing because every little bit helps bring us closer to our ultimate goal!

Again, thank you for helping bring aquatic drone Ziphius to the world stage!

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Yesterday was a very special day for our blog: we reached 1000 views!!

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