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Did you know?

In the last 4 months, we’ve tested 12 batteries and 5 different models. To ensure Ziphius’ power is enough for your fun!


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Did you know?

In the last 4 months, we’ve tested 6 models of turbines and 5 different propellers. This means 22 turbines and 15 propellers! Just to make it possible for Ziphius™ to cruise at 5.4 knots. 🙂

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Weighing Machine

So we don’t have to go to the beach every time we want to test Ziphius we do ally the technical with the creative!

A digital weighing machine assembled to this orange bucket can be transformed to a testing setup. We use it to measure the power and the efficiency of Ziphius’ motors. 

Stay tuned. 😉

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Whoa! It’s been a month already…

How time flies…! A month has passed since we won the two Engadget prizes for Ziphius yet it still hasn’t totally sunk in. It was crazy! All the expectation and anxiety until the big announcement, the crew back home closely following the whole event and commenting constantly about it on Facebook. Then, the results were announced, we won and totally went BANANAS! It’s such an achievement and we are really grateful and happy. When Edmundo and Cristina returned to the office we had a big celebration, I mean, we even had Ziphius cookies! And pretty delicious ones at that. Yum!

We’ve been working a lot this past month; Ziphius is still in its infancy but we are putting a lot of effort into make it ready. We’ve been doing a lot of tests with the new prototype, trying to test the zillions of environments and conditions that Ziphius may face when out in the wild. On the software side, we’ve also been improving the quality of the video captured by Ziphius. Plus, we are working to launch our crowd funding campaign at the beginning of next month so keep an eye out for that! 🙂 

ziphius_workspaceSee you next time!

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