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Testing the final prototype

As you know, we’ve been testing Ziphius, and on our last post we said we would have new photos and info about the final prototype. Here you have it.

We’ve made some changes regarding size and form. The major visible differences are:

  • Easily replaceable motors;
  • Protection in the turbines for children safety;
  • Right turned and left turned propellers, for more stable behaviors;
  • Easiler way to detach Ziphius skin from the rest of the body;

These are the type of tests we’ve been doing:

  • Test of the new attach of the EPP


  • Speed


  • Image captures



  • Maneuverability – to see how easy is to make it swim straight


We’ve also been busy making the DIY edition ready for you. We’ve ordered the components. Once we have these components, we will then test them and see if everything’s okay before we start sending them.

Keep tuned!

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Like a virgin ♫


We went to the beach to see how well the new version of Ziphius handles the waves! This unit was quickly assembled to go into the ocean. Touched for the very first time. We will keep you posted. 🙂

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Testing makes perfect

Howdy dear readers,

After a lot of testing, we are proud to present to you our exquisite turbines and propellers. Take a look. This is the final prototype.


We are demanding when it comes to anything related to Ziphius and water. Ziphius deserves the best!

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Did you know?

In the last 4 months, we’ve tested 12 batteries and 5 different models. To ensure Ziphius’ power is enough for your fun!


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Did you know?

In the last 4 months, we’ve tested 6 models of turbines and 5 different propellers. This means 22 turbines and 15 propellers! Just to make it possible for Ziphius™ to cruise at 5.4 knots. 🙂

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Ziphius is an Optimist!

Ziphius hasn’t stopped a minute lately! Its latest trip was to Belém, in Lisbon (Portugal).

This time we decided to test Ziphius potentialities for sports and because we are adventurers, chose an audacious group to follow: the optimists!

Ziphius navigated with them in the Tagus river. A more risky environment than usual but everything went as expected. Feels good to be fearless! 🙂


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A perfect beach day

It’s been so sunny and warm lately that we thought Ziphius could spent some time outdoors. So we took it to the beach to test it on the sea for the first time ever. We are lucky enough to have such amazing spots to do our testings with Ziphius. Beach and sun, what more could we ask for?


There, we met some surfers that took the little creature to the wild waters (thank you for that).


We did attract some attention from surfers and beachers alike. It is not every day that you find at the beach a bunch of fully dressed guys and gals focused on nurturing a mysterious creature like Ziphius. It was a fantastic experience, and we are not showing you how Ziphius did in the water just yet. Wait to see it. 😀


There were curious people that approached us to know what was happening. It’s nice to confirm that our Ziphius can turn heads and attract people!


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Weighing Machine

So we don’t have to go to the beach every time we want to test Ziphius we do ally the technical with the creative!

A digital weighing machine assembled to this orange bucket can be transformed to a testing setup. We use it to measure the power and the efficiency of Ziphius’ motors. 

Stay tuned. 😉

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