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Maker Faire

Maker Faire starts tomorrow, this time in Europe, more specifically in the lovely city of Rome. Between the showcase of new exciting makers and their creations and dozens of conferences, the following 4 days are going to be absolutely full of exciting experiences. We are very sad we won’t be able to attend it. It’s an event which covers many interests of ours such as technology, science, DIY and engineering.

Nevertheless, we would like to ask everyone to make us a report of your days at Maker Faire. Most interesting projects? Highlights? We want to know it all. Comment below or send us an e-mail. Have fun!

More info about Maker Faire here.

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Ziphius @ Web Summit 2013

Huge news!

This year, Azorean is going to be among hundreds of startups and technology companies attending the Web Summit event in Dublin, Ireland!

Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech event so we couldn’t be more happy to be part of it on the 30th and 31st October. Ziphius will have its own exhibition stand and all, which is waaaay cool.

As of now, keep your eyes on this new competition Azorean is participating in: the World’s Hardest Working Startup! If you have a Facebook account, log in and vote for us! 🙂

To vote, go to this page and then click “Like”. Thank you!

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Join Ziphius at ShowStoppers

Hello New Yorkers!


Today we are at ShowStoppers! Where? @ The Metropolitan and Altman Buildings, 135 W. 18th St! More info here.

Come meet us and Ziphius! 🙂

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Packing for New York


Ziphius™ is packing for New York! It will be shown at Engadget + gdgt Live. The event starts tomorrow at 6PM at 76 Mercer St.

If you’re a technology lover, this is for you. There will be loads of conferences and demonstrations of the products, where you can interact and experiment with them as well as talking with the producers!

Come meet Ziphius™!

Zee you there! 🙂

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Ziphius featured in Portuguese Makers Hangout

On the 21st May, João Frazão was one of the guests of a very special Google+ Hangout called Portuguese Makers. These hangouts highlight portuguese innovative creations and promote a geeky discussion between makers. João Frazão is a maker at heart, having participated in projects from RAPOSA rescue robots to Santander’s visitor guides. Frazão is one of the key talents behind Ziphius development thus he took this kind invitation to share some details of Ziphius making of.

If you missed the chat, you can watch it HERE. The talking about Ziphius starts at 34:38 and ends at 55:20. 🙂

Captura de ecrã - 2013-05-21, 22.43.21

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Looots of code. And colorful sponge balls. Our preparation for the crowdfunding campaign continues…

IMG_1807  IMG_1806 IMG_1819 IMG_1818

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Work, work, work


On top of all the developing work, we are also doing some other stuff… important stuff. 😉 We will keep it undercover… for now!! Be sure to stick around for more updates. Zee you soon!

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