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Will Garrett McNamara do it again?


All eyes are on this big waves surfer, as he returns to Nazaré on Wednesday, a place he already considers his second home, perhaps to overcome the record beaten a year ago and make history again. Our eyes, as well as Ziphius’ are on him too, especially since it loves the sea so much! Will Ziphius get the chance to “run” into him  again during the next three weeks McNamara is staying in portuguese territory? We remind you that Ziphius and McNamara had a little encounter back in November, and that they took this photo together.

He’s hitting the waves of Praia do Norte over the weekend. The forecast indicates they are going to be big, which is a pretty damn good start. 

Photo credit: Patrícia de Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Images (source)

Text credit: Diário de Notícias

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A little word from Flying Sharks

We asked João Correia from Flying Sharks what would he use Ziphius for. Flying Sharks specializes in transporting marine animals from their natural habitat to various aquariums all over the world. Here’s the answer:

“Damn, this Ziphius thingy is cool… We used to spend countless hours diving all over the place and looking for new cool dive spots but it seems Ziphius is gonna allow us to do that while sitting on a chair, with our feet up in the air and sipping a chilled gin ‘n’ tonic. Nice!… :-)”


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Adventure time

This time, Ziphius joined surfers for a little fun at the beach! Early in the morning, Ziphius got even more adventurous and faced the cold waves with the surfers. This cute dog came to meet Ziphius and seemed to enjoy its company… 🙂


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A perfect beach day

It’s been so sunny and warm lately that we thought Ziphius could spent some time outdoors. So we took it to the beach to test it on the sea for the first time ever. We are lucky enough to have such amazing spots to do our testings with Ziphius. Beach and sun, what more could we ask for?


There, we met some surfers that took the little creature to the wild waters (thank you for that).


We did attract some attention from surfers and beachers alike. It is not every day that you find at the beach a bunch of fully dressed guys and gals focused on nurturing a mysterious creature like Ziphius. It was a fantastic experience, and we are not showing you how Ziphius did in the water just yet. Wait to see it. 😀


There were curious people that approached us to know what was happening. It’s nice to confirm that our Ziphius can turn heads and attract people!


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