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Growing pains

Our cemetery of broken equipment keeps evolving. We’ve added some boards we’ve accidentally burned.


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Ups and downs

Remember our cemetery for broken equipment? Well, we widened the theme, and now we are adding failed attempts too.

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This was the first attempt we did to adapt the prototype to the steel molds. Sadly, it presented some weaknesses that we wanted to correct. Most of them were details, such as the best way to mount and replace the turbines and propellers, but others were more crucial for the assembly of the Ziphius, such as to ensure that at the assembly line we could mount all the electronics. Well, gotta try a few times before succeeding, right?

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In other news, we’ve tested the new turbines and propellers and we are very satisfied with their performance.

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Sometimes accidents happen.

That moment when instead of making a hole in the plastic, you make a hole in the  battery.

Result: an explosion and everybody going nuts. This is the reason why we will use Life batteries and not Lipo batteries (like this one) in the final version.

What was left… R.I.P battery remains.


Everything is fine though. We took the adequate precautions and now we are making a little cemetery for our broken electronic equipment. 🙂 


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