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Like a virgin ♫


We went to the beach to see how well the new version of Ziphius handles the waves! This unit was quickly assembled to go into the ocean. Touched for the very first time. We will keep you posted. 🙂

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Will Garrett McNamara do it again?


All eyes are on this big waves surfer, as he returns to Nazaré on Wednesday, a place he already considers his second home, perhaps to overcome the record beaten a year ago and make history again. Our eyes, as well as Ziphius’ are on him too, especially since it loves the sea so much! Will Ziphius get the chance to “run” into him  again during the next three weeks McNamara is staying in portuguese territory? We remind you that Ziphius and McNamara had a little encounter back in November, and that they took this photo together.

He’s hitting the waves of Praia do Norte over the weekend. The forecast indicates they are going to be big, which is a pretty damn good start. 

Photo credit: Patrícia de Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Images (source)

Text credit: Diário de Notícias

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Ziphius showcasing at Portugal’s Global Entrepreneurism Week

Ziphius will have a special participation in this year’s Global Entrepreneurism week happening in Lisbon from the 18th to the 24th November.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators, who launch startups that bring ideas to life.  It happens all around the world, connecting all these people together. It will take place in Lisbon and Ziphius is going to be part of it.

Our aquatic drone is a good match to this event since one of the main themes is the ocean! Various people from the field are going to take part in it, including Garrett McNamara (this year’s ambassador), the admirable record breaking surfer, who is said to be very curious about Ziphius. 🙂 On Ziphius behalf, there will be António Câmara (president) and Edmundo Nobre (CEO).

You’ll be able to watch Ziphius on the following schedules:

11:15AM – Ziphius demo

12PM – Discussion about entrepreneurship in the ocean sector

Join us on the 18th at the Nautical School Infante D. Henrique in Paço d’Arcos. Full schedule here.

See you there!

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Deep-sea Internet: a near future?

University of Buffalo researchers Zahed Hossain and Hovannes Kulhandjian have tested an “underwater wi-fi” network in Lake Erie last month, constituted by two wireless internet modems with an aquatic version of TCP/IP. By dropping these 40lb (18 kg) sensors into the lake, they used sound waves instead of the traditional radio waves (the normal wi-fi) to propagate through water – a smart move, since sound waves have more range, stability and velocity. Hossain and Kulhandjian, afloat, used a laptop to transmit information to the modems.

Tommaso Melodia, leading researcher on this study has some usage ideas in mind: “Making this information available to anyone with a smartphone or computer, especially when a tsunami or other type of disaster occurs, could help save lives”.

The goal is to create a seafloor wireless network, accessible through the Internet, that communicates directly and in real time with people around the world by using cheaper undersea sensors. 

Credit: BBC News and WIRED

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A little word from Flying Sharks

We asked João Correia from Flying Sharks what would he use Ziphius for. Flying Sharks specializes in transporting marine animals from their natural habitat to various aquariums all over the world. Here’s the answer:

“Damn, this Ziphius thingy is cool… We used to spend countless hours diving all over the place and looking for new cool dive spots but it seems Ziphius is gonna allow us to do that while sitting on a chair, with our feet up in the air and sipping a chilled gin ‘n’ tonic. Nice!… :-)”


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What’s in a name?

Choosing a name for our drone was not easy but with plenty of brainstorming we finally made a decision. Turns out choosing the name of the goose beaked whale – Ziphius Cavirostris – was a good match. At that time we did not know how similar they would look!

Like Ziphius Cavirostris, our drone is fast and can amaze you by playing in the water…

…it also has a dorsal fin. Even the yellowish shades in its black body are similar to our top color choice…

…and they both float like they are waiting for the best chance to surprise you.


Credit: M. Rosso photos – CIMA Foundation (thank you!)

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First log

Here at Azorean we are joining forces to make it possible for Ziphius to find you. Our little aquatic drone is getting ready to brave the wild and we want to share the amazing adventure that developing it has been. With super intuitive handling and unique design, Ziphius achieves spectacular water rides, being the first smartphone-controlled aquatic drone of a new generation to come.

Ziphius can be your fun factor in swimming pools, lakes, oceans and more. How? With an integrated camera, which captures above and below the water level images, you can photograph/film all you want and share it with your friends! With our control app installed in your smartphone or tablet you can command your Ziphius via WI-FI and play Augmented Reality Games while piloting it. It’s a whole new world to explore.

For now, Ziphius is just a prototype. We are working hard to make it a truly functional product, or better, your new friend and companion. Azorean has been a rollercoaster. Daily, we have to deal with a lot of different creative and technological situations: new discoveries are made, solutions to problems are arranged and we have to keep on top of our marketing efforts to reach out to people and find out what features they’d like Ziphius to offer. Not to mention all the fun involved in Ziphius’ development! 🙂

Keep synched to our blog which will have all the latest news about Ziphius, its making, developments and Azorean, the company that brings it to you. Updates to the blog will probably be as frenetic as our work pace here at the office is. We can’t wait to show you the final product in action!


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