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Apple’s iOS 7 Release

Today, it’s today! Dear iPhone/iPad/iPod users, do you already have it on your phone? 

Here in the Azorean team, we can’t wait to try it out. Our app-makers are curious to experiment the functionalities and anxious to start working with compatible apps for Apple’s iOS 7.

What are your thoughts?

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The team asks…

We’ve challenged Antão Almada (Head of Software Development) to unveil Ziphius™ top software decisions. Here’s what he said:

“Ziphius can be controlled by apps running on Android or iOS. These apps will do much more than remote controllers. We are working on features like augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) based games.

For these reasons we chose Unity as the development platform for the mobile devices’ software. Unity has an easy to use graphical development interface, a huge community of developers and it has free version for small sized companies.

We also take advantage of the new Unity integration of YVision, a development platform for natural user interfaces (NUI) and augmented reality.

These platforms will let us build innovative and engaging software to go with the cutest aquatic drone: Ziphius™!”


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