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Zillions of mods: what’s your favorite?

Time for voting! The following poll presents a collection of ideas on possible Ziphius modifications given by you. Vote for the one you think it’s more interesting. If anything else crosses your mind, comment below or e-mail us at hello@yatlantic.com. Cheers! 🙂

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Some more ideas

This week we’ve been doing a list of ideas we’ve received in our Inbox  or read over the Web about Ziphius applications!

Behold, here are the most interesting ones we collected:

Ziphius could be used to…

  • Rescue/monitor people at the beach
  • Collect archeological data
  • Find fish species
  • Swim laps with swimmers to evaluate their performance
  • Record a scuba diver underwater
  • Search for coral reefs before sampling
  • Give the mobility impaired people the chance to have an underwater experience
  • Follow a young sailor around the course from afar (e.g. sailing classes)
  • Track and deactivate sea-mines
  • Educate students about the marine life
  • Search for invasive plants

Keep sharing your thoughts with us, it’s very exciting to read these kind of suggestions 🙂

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