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Virtual Aquariums

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Have you seen a cute virtual aquarium like this? Maybe you’ve already passed through one when shopping. They exist in a lot of places, from event halls to outdoor public spaces, serving their purpose of both entertainment and costumer increase.

The Virtual Aquarium is a social, pet-raising simulator that enables you to create your own pet fish (body and fin format, eye type, pattern, colors…) and then name it and release it into the virtual world. Then you have to be a responsible owner and take care of your pet nicely, so it stays healthy. Remember Tamagotchi or The Sims game? This is sort of an aquatic version of those games and it’s proving to be a success all over the world!

We are very pleased and proud about this project because it is produced by our parent company YDreams. It all comes up from the idea that “the gamification of cultural and retail spaces”, as stated by António Câmara, the YDreams’ CEO, “is a dominant trend”, with crescent popularity. 

The great news here is that from all the YDreams aquariums across the world, there are already 50.000 virtual fish, all created thanks to your creative minds 😉

If we got you interested, see if any of these places are near your area of residence:

Marmara Forum, Istanbul, Turkey

mfi Shopping Center, Munich, Germany

Höfe am Brühl, Leipzig, Germany

Forum Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal

Boulevard Londrina Shopping, Londrina, Brazil

If you live too far away, you can always check the website to see the millions of other smashing works produced by YDreams. The company has been responsible for developing various other projects that privilege the connection between the virtual and the real. 

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Some more ideas

This week we’ve been doing a list of ideas we’ve received in our Inbox  or read over the Web about Ziphius applications!

Behold, here are the most interesting ones we collected:

Ziphius could be used to…

  • Rescue/monitor people at the beach
  • Collect archeological data
  • Find fish species
  • Swim laps with swimmers to evaluate their performance
  • Record a scuba diver underwater
  • Search for coral reefs before sampling
  • Give the mobility impaired people the chance to have an underwater experience
  • Follow a young sailor around the course from afar (e.g. sailing classes)
  • Track and deactivate sea-mines
  • Educate students about the marine life
  • Search for invasive plants

Keep sharing your thoughts with us, it’s very exciting to read these kind of suggestions 🙂

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Ideas on how to use Ziphius for fishing

Ziphius could be your perfect partner for fishing!

Ziphius Fishing

By using its camera, you can see where’s fish, what are the best spots for fishing, among other things.

It’s so exciting that some people are already thinking about Ziphius applications for fishermen and sharing them with us! We received some videos from Finland featuring Jaakko Raukola and Mikko Unkila. These videos were received when we asked you to tell us what would you use Ziphius for, the challenge of our previous video and post. This is one of the most creative submissions to appear in our inbox in which these fishermen show us some of the ways Ziphius could be very useful in this area. Thanks guys!

Be part of our family by sending us your response video to: hello@yatlantic.com.

Grab one at a special price while you still can at Kickstarter. We are almost getting halfway through as well is the funding! Thanks for your support and sharing so far. More surprises are coming!

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