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Step by step

Making sure we have everything settled to produce more units of our lovely black outfit. As you can see, we are pretty packed up! 🙂

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What is EPP? EPP means Expanded Polypropyle (also known as polypropene) , and we are using it in Ziphius. It’s a material made of foam, divided into closed-cell beads.

It has loads of qualities and benefits such as energy saving and recyclability. It absorbs both water and energy, is highly resistant to physical damage, corrosion and to many chemicals and acids (that’s why it is so widely used and often chosen instead of other materials). Its first applications were for automotive products but its uses are very extensive: it can be used in consumer products, packaging, air conditioning/heating, toys, furniture, food containers, beverage coolers, loudspeakers, textiles, laboratory equipment  (do I need to say more?). Plus, it is also an awesome replacement for metals and other plastic materials.

Here in Azorean we are using it in Ziphius prototypes because of all these reasons but primarily because EPP has buoyancy properties, it is lightweight, durable and highly customizable. EPP is available in vibrant amazing colors. In this way, we can experiment with our prototype and decide which colors will suit Ziphius best. Which color would YOU like Ziphius to come in? 

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