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If I had a Ziphius

Our team is quite  a diverse bunch! But we all love gadgets and games. This passion, combined with our islander condition, lead us to produce an affordable aquatic gadget, since it’s a market yet to explore.

Last summer we’ve started getting ourselves busy on developing our first prototype. At that time we used tupperware and foam (oh yes!!) to start riding in the water. In the following months we’ve refined the electronics and the design that enabled us to build a more sophisticated prototype and enter the Engadget competition, which we won last March. From that point, we have been working in preparing our Kickstarter campaign and establishing all the details for Ziphius’ mass production, to make us ready to start with it as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded.

Ziphius is our dream coming true but we believe that Ziphius makes others dream too. So we’ve asked the community: what would you do if you were a Ziphius owner. And this is what we’ve got. 🙂

You can get one Ziphius now at Kickstarter!

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Ziphius at The Big Apple

Captura de ecrã - 2013-06-24, 22.44.20

Ziphius™ arrived in New York and it’s ready to conquer the city!

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Packing for New York


Ziphius™ is packing for New York! It will be shown at Engadget + gdgt Live. The event starts tomorrow at 6PM at 76 Mercer St.

If you’re a technology lover, this is for you. There will be loads of conferences and demonstrations of the products, where you can interact and experiment with them as well as talking with the producers!

Come meet Ziphius™!

Zee you there! 🙂

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Congrats Snapzoom!

Congrats to Snapzoom and best of luck in the future, which seems veryyyy bright 🙂

Ziphius team met the Snapzoom founders on the Engadget competition in March. After that, Snapzoom entered the crowdfunding world through Kickstarter. On May 26, their campaign had a successful end, raising its funding goal!

We loved to meet Snapzoom at Engadget: it’s innovative and useful. That’s why we’ve been supportive since the beginning. If you’re attentive, you can see that Ziphius is making a little appearance on their Kickstarter page (pay attention to the background).

About: ba91e4d4ea1db15251228e6f7e099069_large

Born: Hawaii

Founders: Daniel Fuijikake and Mac Nguyen

What is it? Snapzoom is an universal scope adaptor for smartphones, a thrilling option for every photography lover. This tool works as a connector between your phone camera and the eyepiece of an optical scope, magnifying your view and allowing you to capture subjects that are far away from you. Check their website to know more.

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Whoa! It’s been a month already…

How time flies…! A month has passed since we won the two Engadget prizes for Ziphius yet it still hasn’t totally sunk in. It was crazy! All the expectation and anxiety until the big announcement, the crew back home closely following the whole event and commenting constantly about it on Facebook. Then, the results were announced, we won and totally went BANANAS! It’s such an achievement and we are really grateful and happy. When Edmundo and Cristina returned to the office we had a big celebration, I mean, we even had Ziphius cookies! And pretty delicious ones at that. Yum!

We’ve been working a lot this past month; Ziphius is still in its infancy but we are putting a lot of effort into make it ready. We’ve been doing a lot of tests with the new prototype, trying to test the zillions of environments and conditions that Ziphius may face when out in the wild. On the software side, we’ve also been improving the quality of the video captured by Ziphius. Plus, we are working to launch our crowd funding campaign at the beginning of next month so keep an eye out for that! 🙂 

ziphius_workspaceSee you next time!

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