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Team hobbies II

Hello dear friends!

Our team was out for some well deserved holidays in the past weeks. Apart from relaxing, free time also means “hobbying”, doing things that we like but usually don’t have much time to pursue when we’re working. In this post, we give you the second part of our “Team hobbies”! Hope you all had lovely vacations. Here at the office we are full of energy, ready to work on finishing up Ziphius for you guys! 🙂


Angry Birds Tazo construction by Pedro Lucas and David Ferreira


Drawings by Pedro Lucas

Photo 22-01-13 13 27 54

Lego construction by Pedro Lucas

Photo 13-02-13 22 50 44

Origami by David Ferreira


Customized All-Stars by Manuel Lino

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Team hobbies I

There’s nothing like a good hobby when work gets hectic. Our office is getting jammed with all sort of crafts: from origami to hama beads, nowadays there’s always something new popping up! 


Origamis by David Ferreira


Hama beads by Manuel Lino


Drawings by Edmundo Nobre

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Ziphius Wall

Hello there,

Walls document well what’s going around and ours is all covered by Ziphius!
These are old sketches. Can you see some similarities with the current prototype?

Keep Ziphius on your mind till next time 😉


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