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Step by step

Making sure we have everything settled to produce more units of our lovely black outfit. As you can see, we are pretty packed up! 🙂

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Ups and downs

Remember our cemetery for broken equipment? Well, we widened the theme, and now we are adding failed attempts too.

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This was the first attempt we did to adapt the prototype to the steel molds. Sadly, it presented some weaknesses that we wanted to correct. Most of them were details, such as the best way to mount and replace the turbines and propellers, but others were more crucial for the assembly of the Ziphius, such as to ensure that at the assembly line we could mount all the electronics. Well, gotta try a few times before succeeding, right?

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In other news, we’ve tested the new turbines and propellers and we are very satisfied with their performance.

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If I had a Ziphius

Our team is quite  a diverse bunch! But we all love gadgets and games. This passion, combined with our islander condition, lead us to produce an affordable aquatic gadget, since it’s a market yet to explore.

Last summer we’ve started getting ourselves busy on developing our first prototype. At that time we used tupperware and foam (oh yes!!) to start riding in the water. In the following months we’ve refined the electronics and the design that enabled us to build a more sophisticated prototype and enter the Engadget competition, which we won last March. From that point, we have been working in preparing our Kickstarter campaign and establishing all the details for Ziphius’ mass production, to make us ready to start with it as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded.

Ziphius is our dream coming true but we believe that Ziphius makes others dream too. So we’ve asked the community: what would you do if you were a Ziphius owner. And this is what we’ve got. 🙂

You can get one Ziphius now at Kickstarter!

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The team asks…

We’ve challenged Antão Almada (Head of Software Development) to unveil Ziphius™ top software decisions. Here’s what he said:

“Ziphius can be controlled by apps running on Android or iOS. These apps will do much more than remote controllers. We are working on features like augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) based games.

For these reasons we chose Unity as the development platform for the mobile devices’ software. Unity has an easy to use graphical development interface, a huge community of developers and it has free version for small sized companies.

We also take advantage of the new Unity integration of YVision, a development platform for natural user interfaces (NUI) and augmented reality.

These platforms will let us build innovative and engaging software to go with the cutest aquatic drone: Ziphiusâ„¢!”


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