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Ziphius DIY Edition

Ziphius is an highly customizable aquatic drone. Here at the office, we’ve been coming up with ideas on how you can do modify Ziphius.

Want to also be able to control Ziphius on land? You can attach some wheels to it.


Owner of a GoPro camera? We attached one to one of our prototypes. 

Ziphius Gopro 3

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities. Because of that we’ve just added a new reward for the DIYers/hobbyists on our Kickstarter page. If you have an imaginative mind and are always creating new stuff, this is your chance to make your own HD camera equipped drone (all the electronics included). Get the Ziphius DIY edition for only $99. More info here.  

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Team hobbies I

There’s nothing like a good hobby when work gets hectic. Our office is getting jammed with all sort of crafts: from origami to hama beads, nowadays there’s always something new popping up! 


Origamis by David Ferreira


Hama beads by Manuel Lino


Drawings by Edmundo Nobre

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Weighing Machine

So we don’t have to go to the beach every time we want to test Ziphius we do ally the technical with the creative!

A digital weighing machine assembled to this orange bucket can be transformed to a testing setup. We use it to measure the power and the efficiency of Ziphius’ motors. 

Stay tuned. 😉

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