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Ziphius around the world

Here at the Azorean offices, we decided that it would be great to start off the year with a little addition to our wall. We became cartographers for one day and, after recovering data, made a world map which shows the locations of both our Kickstarter backers and early Ziphius buyers together. Each yellow pin corresponds to a person who ordered one. The result is as follows.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Seeing so many people interested across the globe warms our hearts with joy (and makes our walls way more interesting!).

Considering Ziphius, its development is at a stage where progress is difficult to show (we are ripening a lot of small details and the details are always hell). But as its development is getting closer to an end, we are also taking the time to think ahead on our sales strategy. This wall will be a useful tool to support that and to motivate us.

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Ziphius b-day

Awww, today Ziphius is year old. This time last year we first showed it to the world.


Here we open our hearts, showing you our troupe album. We want to keep these memories with us forever and ever, from this previous year and the years to come. Please take a look at it, because you, as a reader, are a part of this experience.  To preserve our future memories, please contribute by sending us photos that make you remember Ziphius.

These 12 months were an adventure for us: creating, learning, living, and most of all, letting Ziphius grow. 🙂

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Azorean at Web Summit

In the last couple of days Azorean’s team has been getting all ready and packed to go to Dublin ’cause Web Summit starts on Wednesday!


If you’re going on the first day don’t miss our little booth at the ALPHA alley (it’s full of goodies, shh). Our stand is number 446F. Come, say hi, and have a chat! 😀

On day 2, Azorean is going to talk about Hardware along with people from Ubooly, Alcohoot, Lock8.me and CubeSensors. Our talk will be moderated by Mic Wright. Feel free to join us at the Start Stage at 14h30!

By the way, our colleagues from YDreams Robotics are going to be at the event too. On day 2, meet them at the ALPHA alley, booth 455G.

Click for the full schedule. See you soon. 🙂

P.S. We’ve lauched a brand new video about our store today:

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One hell of a year!

 This last year, Azorean, the face behind the drone you know and love, worked hard, really hard. This journey has been crazy and amazing. So, what a better time than this to do a recap of 12 months full of achievements and events for Azorean?

Ziphius was born on September 2012 and from there it was really a rollercoaster. Not the one that makes you sick to your stomach but one that makes you happy and proud to be in such a hard working and motivating team! Feels, oh the feels.

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Ziphius @ Web Summit 2013

Huge news!

This year, Azorean is going to be among hundreds of startups and technology companies attending the Web Summit event in Dublin, Ireland!

Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech event so we couldn’t be more happy to be part of it on the 30th and 31st October. Ziphius will have its own exhibition stand and all, which is waaaay cool.

As of now, keep your eyes on this new competition Azorean is participating in: the World’s Hardest Working Startup! If you have a Facebook account, log in and vote for us! 🙂

To vote, go to this page and then click “Like”. Thank you!

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First log

Here at Azorean we are joining forces to make it possible for Ziphius to find you. Our little aquatic drone is getting ready to brave the wild and we want to share the amazing adventure that developing it has been. With super intuitive handling and unique design, Ziphius achieves spectacular water rides, being the first smartphone-controlled aquatic drone of a new generation to come.

Ziphius can be your fun factor in swimming pools, lakes, oceans and more. How? With an integrated camera, which captures above and below the water level images, you can photograph/film all you want and share it with your friends! With our control app installed in your smartphone or tablet you can command your Ziphius via WI-FI and play Augmented Reality Games while piloting it. It’s a whole new world to explore.

For now, Ziphius is just a prototype. We are working hard to make it a truly functional product, or better, your new friend and companion. Azorean has been a rollercoaster. Daily, we have to deal with a lot of different creative and technological situations: new discoveries are made, solutions to problems are arranged and we have to keep on top of our marketing efforts to reach out to people and find out what features they’d like Ziphius to offer. Not to mention all the fun involved in Ziphius’ development! 🙂

Keep synched to our blog which will have all the latest news about Ziphius, its making, developments and Azorean, the company that brings it to you. Updates to the blog will probably be as frenetic as our work pace here at the office is. We can’t wait to show you the final product in action!


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