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Spying on #1: Cristina’s technical overload

There has to be a spacious table for so many papers and guides. I followed Cristina to a room to check what she was up to: writing the Ziphius manual! Needless to say, I ended up being thrown out of the room because she needed to focus on her work.


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Spring cleaning

Today is time for the old classic spring cleaning in our office. This means organizing and cleaning our desks. In one word: a makeover. It’s like a fresh start, welcoming the new season. 


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Our motivation is you

_MG_9067 copy

As you know, we’ve been struggling with the deadlines we had previously envisioned for Ziphius. Staying concentrated everyday is key to get where we want to be. Our focus is on the people who want to have a Ziphius, and that’s why we now have this huge wall in our office – featuring your comments and messages about Ziphius – inspiring us everyday!

Have a good week.

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Valentine’s variations

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The universe has its own ways to remind us that love is in everything and everywhere.

Today we had a lovely visit at our offices. Based on the lovey dovey theme of the day, we got a drawing with a lot of hearts, a lot of Ziphius and cute animals!

Ziphius + Children, always a good combination 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ◕‿- ♥

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Ziphius around the world

Here at the Azorean offices, we decided that it would be great to start off the year with a little addition to our wall. We became cartographers for one day and, after recovering data, made a world map which shows the locations of both our Kickstarter backers and early Ziphius buyers together. Each yellow pin corresponds to a person who ordered one. The result is as follows.

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Seeing so many people interested across the globe warms our hearts with joy (and makes our walls way more interesting!).

Considering Ziphius, its development is at a stage where progress is difficult to show (we are ripening a lot of small details and the details are always hell). But as its development is getting closer to an end, we are also taking the time to think ahead on our sales strategy. This wall will be a useful tool to support that and to motivate us.

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Sometimes accidents happen.

That moment when instead of making a hole in the plastic, you make a hole in the  battery.

Result: an explosion and everybody going nuts. This is the reason why we will use Life batteries and not Lipo batteries (like this one) in the final version.

What was left… R.I.P battery remains.


Everything is fine though. We took the adequate precautions and now we are making a little cemetery for our broken electronic equipment. 🙂 


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Looots of code. And colorful sponge balls. Our preparation for the crowdfunding campaign continues…

IMG_1807  IMG_1806 IMG_1819 IMG_1818

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Ziphius Wall

Hello there,

Walls document well what’s going around and ours is all covered by Ziphius!
These are old sketches. Can you see some similarities with the current prototype?

Keep Ziphius on your mind till next time 😉


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