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Happy St. Patrick’s

Ziphius Patrick (2 of 6)

This year Saint Patrick’s Day counted on Vinod’s participation,  who had been working in Ziphius hardware remotely.

Vinod came directly from India to give us some extra support on this production phase we are going through. He’s really focused on getting solutions for arising problems and he’s a great team player!

Hope you all have a fantastic Saint Patrick’s day.

Ziphius Patrick (4 of 6)

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Ziphius b-day

Awww, today Ziphius is year old. This time last year we first showed it to the world.


Here we open our hearts, showing you our troupe album. We want to keep these memories with us forever and ever, from this previous year and the years to come. Please take a look at it, because you, as a reader, are a part of this experience.  To preserve our future memories, please contribute by sending us photos that make you remember Ziphius.

These 12 months were an adventure for us: creating, learning, living, and most of all, letting Ziphius grow. 🙂

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One hell of a year!

 This last year, Azorean, the face behind the drone you know and love, worked hard, really hard. This journey has been crazy and amazing. So, what a better time than this to do a recap of 12 months full of achievements and events for Azorean?

Ziphius was born on September 2012 and from there it was really a rollercoaster. Not the one that makes you sick to your stomach but one that makes you happy and proud to be in such a hard working and motivating team! Feels, oh the feels.

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