Ziphius and Julio Verne’s yacht shared the same anchor point

It was on the 5th July of 1878 that the great writer Julio Verne anchored his yacht Saint-Michel III in Cascais in order to visit Lisbon for two days.  Some say the city was a source of inspiration.  

Cascais was also one of the first places where Ziphius was tested. Its transparent waters were great to test the camera. Until today Cascais is still a place to visit by boat and we expect that it will be a place to watch some Ziphius rides! Like the boat Saint-Michel III, we would like Ziphius to be a world traveler.


We want it to be everywhere. How long would it take for it to travel an entire lap around the earth? We hope it will be less than the 80 days it took Willi Fog.

It has been 109 years since Verne passed away, leaving us a large amount of work. Most of his books maintain its original charm and make you dream about fabulous adventures. Do you guys have a favorite book? Around here the favs are Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea!

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