Valentine’s variations

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The universe has its own ways to remind us that love is in everything and everywhere.

Today we had a lovely visit at our offices. Based on the lovey dovey theme of the day, we got a drawing with a lot of hearts, a lot of Ziphius and cute animals!

Ziphius + Children, always a good combination 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ◕‿- ♥

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s variations

  1. f says:

    How about an update to your December post, instead of a cute kid drawing? I’d much rather hear from you, because the silence the past two months is not a good sign…

    • myziphius says:

      Dear F

      Thanks for following Ziphius blog. Ziphius production is now in a phase that is quite difficult to communicate. As mentioned in the late December update we are now closing all the details to make Ziphius ready for mass production. This involves taking attention to small details which are not by themselves interesting to make any update. Additionally some issues that are considered closed and could be used to make one update are sometimes reviewed in the light of new facts. I can you give you just one example. We have closed our electronic board as well a version of 3D model of Ziphius. However that turned to be too big, and the model and the board had to be redrawn. We rather not publish information that we need to correct in future posts. It is not a pleasant thing to do.

      However, we are trying to keep the communication flowing, and we have published some information on facebook and blog. We hope to have good news in a couple of weeks.

      Cristina Gouveia

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